1. Gather Your Supplies

2. Get Ready

Wash, iron, repair buttons, gather loose pieces of toys and do what is necessary to ensure that your items are in excellent condition. Items will not be accepted that do not meet our guidelines. Please CLEAN shoes, toys and equipment before consigning them.

3. Organize Your Items

Organize the items you are selling. The more organized you are, the quicker Tagging and Drop Off will go! Sorting items by gender and size, then separating clothing into outfits will speed the prcoess considerably.  Hang and pin all clothing, bag toys, books, shoes and other small items. 

Check for Product Recalls

4. Enter Your Items & Print Tags

  • Register to consign and then enter your items into our web-inventory system. You will then be able to print your tags within our system.
  • You must print your tags on card stock.
  • Tags will print out 8 to a page.
    • DO NOT change the number of tags to be printed on each page. There must be 8 to a sheet. Our scanners can not read the bar code if tags are not the right size. 


  • All clothing must be clean and odor free. If you're selling items that have been in storage for quite some time it's always a good idea to run them through the wash to freshen them up and get rid of wrinkles.
  • Hang clothing on wire or plastic hangers with the hanger facing the same direction as a question mark (?). Clothing hanging the wrong direction will not be accepted.
  • After the garment is hung, lay it on a table in front of you and attach the tag. Attach the tag with a #1 or #2 safety pin or a tagging gun to the top right side of the item. DO NOT attach tags with tape.
  • Pants and shorts - if not using a pants hanger, please make sure to attach them to hanger with a safety pin (or two).  Pants without safety pin attachments can easily fall off the hanger, preventing a sale. 



  • Place small shoes in a clear, zip top bag.  Attach the label with tape to the outside of the bag, making sure not to tape over the bar code.
  • For larger shoes, zip tie and/or lace the shoes together and attach the tag with a whole punch to one of the laces.  You may also want to rubber band the shoes together, as these items tend to get separated during the sale.


  • The preferred method is to put like items in a clear zip close bag or include various items in a "grab bag."  Close the top of the bag and attach label to the front of the bag with tape, making sure not to tape over the barcode or the top. Once inspected we will provide the tape to secure your items.  


  • Please come to your drop off appointment prepared to assemble any crib, changing table, toy, etc. You must supply your own tools. 
  • These items are usually good sellers, but only when fully assembled so the buyer can see all of the parts. 
  • Attach label in prominent position with painters tape all the way around, making sure not to tape over the bar code.