These are guidelines for pricing your items. Please remember we have a $1 minimum, so group items together that are not worth $1. Think about what you would pay for things and what you would consider a “great deal”.   In general, we recommend 25-30% of what you paid new. EQUIPMENT can be priced higher.

  • Although it is difficult, try to take sentimental value out of the price. For example, if you remember Sara’s first birthday dress and all the happiness when she wore it, you may want to overprice the dress. Please remember that the person buying the dress doesn’t care that it was a special outfit for you and your daughter. If it is hard to do this, you may consider holding on to that special dress a little longer.
  • Moms love to buy complete outfits, so consider putting a top and bottom together on one hanger and price it as an outfit instead of as separates.

Most clothes sell for 1/4 to 1/3 of their retail price. 

  • Low End Brands include: Walmart, K-Mart, Target, Shopko, etc
  • Mid-Range Brands include: Sears, JCPenney, Kohl's, Old Navy, Gap, etc
  • Higher End Brands like Gymboree, Ralph Lauren, The North Face, Under Armour, Matilda Jane, etc. will sell for more
  • New With Tags (NWT) items tend to sell at about half of the retail price  

Outdoor toys in good and very clean condition usually sell for around half of their original retail price.