Crew Worker


Shift Workers  are the heart of Up We Grow and we couldn't run our sale without your help. We ask our workers to  be kind, helpful and courteous since you're  representing Up We Grow during the sale.  You do  to be a consignor to work. 

We have many Shifts to choose from and your work could be done before, during or after the sale. Some examples of position include: 

  • displaying signage
  • sales floor assistant
  • check-in
  • sorter
  • organizer
  • cashier
  • security
  • posting on social media

We even have a limited number of light-duty positions for expectant mothers and others who may have physical limitations.

Incentives for Shift Worker

0  Shifts

  • 60% of your sales
  • Pre-Sale Pass

1 Shift

  • 65% of your sales.
  • Pre-Sale Pass

2  Shifts

  • 70% of your sales
  • Pre-Sale Pass

3  Shifts

  • 75% of your sales
  • Pre-Sale Pass

4  Shifts

  • 75% of your sales
  • 2 Pre-Sale Passes
  • 2 Early Access Passes to the Half Price Sale