Spring 2019 Sale Dates

Rapid City Dates: April 25th-27th 2019

Location: Rushmore Plaza Civic Center in North Room Down stairs right across from the food court.

Aberdeen Dates: July 2019


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Save Up To 90% Off Retail Prices!

Children's Clothing 

Maternity Clothing

Women's Clothing

Home Decor

Infant Care Items (diaper pails, bottles, nursing items)

Kid Furnishings (room decor, furniture, pack-n-play)

Toys & Play Equipment (large, small, indoor, outdoor)

Books, DVDs, Games, Video Games & Systems

Arts & Crafts (party supplies, arts/crafts)

Strollers & Car Seats

Sporting Goods

Shopping Tips

  • Bring a list with your children's measurements. Clothing CANNOT be tried on.
  • Bring your measuring tape.
  • Bring a cardboard cut-out of your child's foot.
  • Bring a friend with you to double your fun!
  • Swap with a friend or get a sitter for your kids, the sale will be busy and it is for their safety!
  • Children will not be allowed to play with the toys on sale, please keep them by your side.


PRE-SALE: Thursday, April 25th

Click the links to get access to your tickets.

  • New Parents get a FREE pre-sale pass if a baby has been born within the last 6 months! 
  • Everyone Else Purchase a pre-sale pass for $5
  • Hometown Hero- get a FREE pre-Sale pass if you are a Military or Military Spouse,Teacher,First Responder, Nurse, Doctor or Dentist, Homeschool parent
  • WIN a Pre-sale Pass by following us on Facebook and participating in our contests!

PUBLIC SALE: Friday April 26th and Saturday 27th.

FREE Admission to the public sale to anyone who'd like to shop.

Forms of Payment Accepted





American Express


**South Dakota Sales Tax will be applied to all purchases***